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Who Is InstaHealthy

A people first company

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Who is InstaHealthy

InstaHealthy is a people-first company and we could not be more proud to be just that. We put our people first, who in return put our partners first, and with that, great profits follow. To our partners, we offer a Healthy Vending and a Micro Market business opportunity which is strongly focused on you, our InstaPartner. As an organization we are made up of risk takers, doers and goal getters. We embrace and empower change every single day. Lastly, we do things differently here at InstaHealthy and, because of this, we get different results.

InstaHealthy Mission Statement

To create a fun, highly rewarding and challenging workplace which redefines the Healthy Vending and Micro Market industries. We will offer an incredibly successful business model built around our own experiences, whether prosperous and taxing. Every day we will set out to grow personally, professionally and monetarily as an organization. Every InstaPartner will have the benefit of incredible support, the best possible team and unparalleled business building education.

InstaHealthy Core Values

Disclaimer: Our core values listed below reflect what is truly important to us as an organization day in and day out. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or from person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our corporate culture.

  • People Before Profits – What is really important here?
  • Take Risks and Be Bold – We do what others won’t and we get different results!
  • Face Challenges with Optimism – Challenges are an opportunity to learn
  • Connect and Collaborate – Build relationships and give value in order to receive value
  • Adversity, bring it on! – We learn from mistakes but we don’t repeat them
  • Passionately Participate – Believe and Love what we’re doing, you’ll be more successful