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Where customer service is not the responsibility of a single department, but the entire company

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As a partner with InstaHealthy, we believe that the support of your business rests squarely on the shoulders of our entire team, not just a single department. How else would we WOW you as a partner? With great support of your business, we pledge to always be available to you. We pledge to provide continued education. We pledge to always push the envelope. And we pledge to allow each partner unprecedented access to the best possible business building support available. From day 1 as an InstaPartner you will also gain access not only our to entire team in San Diego but also to our entire InstaPartner network nationwide.

InsaHealthy Support Programs

Location Sensei – Have questions? Need an issue resolved? Need more location materials? Want to grow your business by adding more machines or Micro Markets? No problem. Your dedicated Location Sensei is there for you every step of the way. Like a wiseman (or woman) they have all the answers. If not,  they will be sure to get it for you, and promptly.

Operational Support – You’ll have tech support from our Operations Team and even locally through a certified InstaHealthy distributor. Your InstaHealthy distributor is also the person who takes delivery of your machines, installs them, provides additional machine training and maintains your warranties. Inquire with an InstaHealthy team member to learn more about our warranties.

MVP360° – InstaHealthy has developed a one-of-a-kind, proprietary support system like no other in the business opportunity or franchising world. It’s a 360° support program that begins from day one, not only to prepare you to become a business owner, but also continually evaluating your overall business from the ground up, 360°. Being proprietary, please reach out to an InstaHealthy team member to learn more today!