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Creating great businesses through dynamic relationships

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Who or what is an InstaPartner? An InstaPartner is someone who aligns with our Core Values and Mission, first and foremost. A team player who’s vision for success and goals are also in line with ours here at InstaHealthy. Your success and bottom line are important, yes. However, we put our Core Values and Mission before asking, “what’s in it for us financially”. In order to attract and recruit with integrity we choose to provide value and quality with everything that we do.

Does this sound like you? Do you want to learn more? Are you interested in hearing more about our Core Values, Mission and Business Model? If so, please reach out to an InstaHealthy team member today!


Healthy Vending

A revolutionary chance to tap in the $42 Billion vending industry! Many facilities, entities and organizations nationwide are seeking to get rid of their out-of-date, junk food machines or at least provide their consumers healthier options. InstaHealthy can do this with a much more reliable, innovative and attractive Healthy Vending machine. It’s not just products that are changing in vending. InstaHealthy has a commitment to provide our partners with the most innovative technology available today. From Wireless monitoring, debit/cc and Smartphone payments (think ApplePay or Google Wallet), apps for smartphones and tablets, guaranteed delivery of products, Energy Star rating, and much more!

One aspect of InstaHealthy that sets itself apart from traditional business opportunities, or even most franchise opportunities, is the hard work that we dedicate to relationship building throughout our industry. We have aligned our goals, initiatives and mission with the top “needle movers” in Health and Wellness today. Below are some examples of great organizations that align with the InstaHealthy way. Talk to an InstaHealthy team member today to learn how relationship building can boost your business to unparalleled heights!

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Micro Markets

Corporate Wellness is the fuel for our Micro Market program. Every large, medium and small company in the US wants healthier, more productive, less absent employees. Companies everyday are seeking how to lower healthcare costs as well. An InstaHealthy Micro Market does all of this, and more. Offering a huge variety (up to 800 items) of products from snacks, drinks and even full meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The flexibility of a Micro Market is countless. It offers a user-friendly kiosk that serves as a self-checkout center for consumers surrounded by wall shelvings, product racks, coolers, freezers, and other options. Essentially, it is a mini cafeteria for business/corporate environments ranging from 50 employees to 5,000 or more! Contact an InstaHealthy team member to learn even more about our Micro Markets!


Location Procurement – It is no secret that location is everything, and where your Healthy Vending machines or Micro Markets are placed will highly drive the success of your business. In a statement, it is that simple. However, identifying, determining, vetting, negotiating, and closing the right location is the most difficult aspect. At InstaHealthy, we guarantee location procurement for each Healthy Vending machine and Micro Market purchased by our partners. With the most stringent location guidelines in the industry, success is all but guaranteed by choosing InstaHealthy as your business partner.

How Do We Do It? – This is a proprietary process. Please reach out to InstaHealthy to learn more!

Locations Types – Schools/Colleges/Universities, Hospitals, YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, Government/Municipal, Gymnastic/Ballet Studios, Tae Kwon Do/Karate Facilities, CrossFit/Gyms/Health Clubs, Sports Complexes, Tourist Attractions, Business/Corporate Environments, Healthcare Facilities, High-end Hotels, and many, many more.

InstaPartner Involvement – Are you well connected in your community? Do you have a natural ability to speak with people? Do you simply want to “hit the ground running”? Are you willing to learn all the details behind what it takes to secure awesome locations? If so, at InstaHealthy we have the tools to educate and empower our partners so that they can have a productive role in securing locations by teaming up with your Location Sensei. Don’t want to be a part of the location process? No problem, leave it all up to InstaHealthy.