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InstaHealthy USA Gains Strong Sales and Locations Momentum Leading into Second Half of 2016

Since launching in late 2015, the innovative Healthy vending company has shown immense growth with the on-boarding of eight Partners

SAN DIEGO, CA—(June 7, 2016) – InstaHealthy USA, a Healthy Vending and Micro Market company operating on a people-first philosophy, announced today the results since launching its business opportunity in October 2015, which have showed significant sales as its Partner and location efforts expand nationwide.

With a fresh and honest approach to the healthy vending space, InstaHealthy successfully on-boarded eight Partners across four states, since Q4 of 2015. In addition to plenty of early success, the Company has secured numerous locations for its Partner network in key facilities, paving the way for prosperous placements in the near future.

“With a background rooted in the healthy vending industry, I’ve made it my mission to build a foundation for InstaHealthy that is grounded by my own core values, which are paralleled by our Partners and customers alike,” said Ryan O’Keefe, Founder and CEO of InstaHealthy . “It is those core values and providing the highest-quality service in all areas of the business that has driven this success in such a short period of time; I couldn’t be more proud of the first-class Partners and locations we have today, all an integral part of the InstaHealthy family.”

According to the Journal of Health Economics, 360,000 Americans die every year from diseases related to obesity, and employers are spending more than $4 billion on sick days related to health issues prompted by poor diets. In an effort to stay true to the core of healthy vending’s purpose, all products placed in InstaHealthy’s Vending Machines and Micro Markets are held to the standard of being free of preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup.

“The commitment we have to educate and empower consumers on the power of healthy choices, is carried out by our InstaHealthy Partners daily, which has been and will continue to be a key to our success,” said O’Keefe. “As we continue to bring new advances in technology, customer service and business tools to the forefront of this industry, we’re confident that these Partners will help us seize the opportunity to turn healthy vending into a mechanism for widespread change.”

The Southern California company has made its presence known from coast-to-coast, with the addition of eight partners throughout California, Arizona, New York and New Jersey. Partners include: Francis Aguilar of San Diego, Andy Lin of Los Angeles, Derrick Scott of San Francisco, Michael Flynn of Phoenix, Chris and Brianna Stalker of Syracuse, N.Y., David Franck of Purchase, N.Y., John Kossmann of Freehold, N.J. and Tim Galvin of Cherry Hill, N.J. Of the locations secured in these regions, key placements have spanned the likes of shared workplaces, technology companies, education facilities, law firms and more.

“As a career entrepreneur, the business of health and wellness is at the core of who I am; that, matched with the ability to provide people the tools and services to make positive changes in their lives is what drew me to this business opportunity and, what I believe, is at the core of what InstaHealthy stands for,” said InstaHealthy Partner Derrick Scott. “The success of any service business starts with putting people at the top of your priority list, and is only complemented by being able to deliver a paramount product. When you combine both of those things, you’re able to bring unwavering quality that creates a roadmap for scalable success. I have no doubt we’re doing just that.”

As part of its business model, InstaHealthy USA’s location procurement team seeks placement for its partner’s Healthy Vending machines in locations with consistent traffic, such as education facilities, sports complexes, fitness studios and hospitals. The self-serve Micro Markets are best suited for corporate locations with more than 150 employees, which are also procured by the InstaHealthy USA team.

“There’s no doubt that the InstaHealthy team creates value for its customers and it shows in their approach to securing locations: it’s systematic, deliberate and thorough,” said InstaHealthy Partner Andy Lin. “This same approach shines through in their commitment to serving only healthy snacks and meals, which is well-received by customers of my micro market locations and, in turn, generates success for my business.”

About InstaHealthy USA

Launching its business opportunity in October 2015, InstaHealthy USA is a people-first healthy vending company based in Southern California. To its Partners, it offers a Healthy Vending and Micro Market business opportunity, which is strongly focused on bringing high-quality products and services to the forefront of every transaction.

InstaHealthy offers state-of-the art technology, with machines featuring a cloud-based management system, a cashless payment acceptor, Energy Star® rated machines and a Sensit® guaranteed delivery program. The POS experience also offers the only cloud-based self-checkout kiosk with an app market – boasting more than 100 consumeand businessoriented programs – along with social media integration.

For more information on InstaHealthy, its partner program, or to receive a free Healthy Vending machine or Micro Market in your location, visit www.InstaHealthyUSA.com or call toll free (888) 243-8074.

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