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Crown Point, Indiana Socially Aware Entrepreneur Brings Innovative Healthy Vending Machines Options to Schools, Hospitals, YMCA’s, and Companies in the local area

Crown Point, Indiana- When Indiana Construction Trades professional Steve Buenrostro was looking for a supplemental business opportunity he did his homework. After researching online for healthy vending business opportunities, he came across InstaHealthy Vending, which ended up being the most cost effective and turnkey business model in the healthy vending industry with the added bonus of putting people first as part of their core values.  


“I chose InstaHealthy for a business because I wanted something to fall back on. I just felt InstaHealthy had great options and a fresh outlook on the vending market that I was really impressed about” says Buenrostro. After looking at several healthy vending companies like Naturals2Go Healthy Vending Machine Business Opportunity and comparing them to InstaHealthy sided-by-side he found the latter at another level.


Healthy organic snack & drink options in vending machines could not come to Indiana at a better time. HelathyAmericans.org states that obesity, tobacco, and unhealthy lifestyle choices all contribute to higher rates of chronic illness, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and cancer. The result: hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers don’t live as long as they should, experience a lower quality of life, and spend billions extra on health care.


Not only is InstaHealthy Vending offering fresh healthy snacks through state of the art vending machines. They are also offering a grant up to $500 to qualifying schools, colleges, Recreation Center or healthy conscience business a FREE Healthy Vending Machine offering Organic, Preservative-free, Non-GMO food and beverage options. Allowing everyone the ability to access healthy grab-and-go items right from a vending machine.


InstaHealthy Vending, known for putting people’s health and wellness first beyond financial gain, is part of a socially-responsible business model; InstaHealthy Partners are an integral part of keeping our healthy business model spreading across the nation. Machines are stocked with all-natural, organic and preservative-free snacks and beverages — all nutrient-rich selections — the thousand of choices available include gluten, kosher, vegan and nut-free products.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the directive for InstaHealthy Vending, the growing leader of healthy vending machines. The company leads with being the most cost effective, turnkey healthy business model that puts people first with proven healthy organic options in their Healthy Vending and a Micro Market business opportunity which is strongly focused on people’s well being first.


About InstaHealthy Vending

InstaHealthy Vending has InstaPartners and healthy vending machines & micro markets  placed throughout the U.S. InstaHealthy Vending is dedicated to combating obesity by providing nutritious foods from state-of-the-art healthy vending machines. Offering our InstaPartners an opportunity to be socially responsible and give back to their local communities. Launching just over 1 year ago, InstaHealthy can now be found in almost 20 markets across the US.

About Get Healthy Now, USA!

Get Healthy Now, USA! is committed to providing consumers throughout USA easier access to healthier snacks, food and beverages everyday. In place to combat obesity and overweight issues, this initiative was launched in select markets across the US. To learn more and to find out if they have launched in your market, visit www.FreeHealthyVending.com. Qualified locations in each respective marketplace have the opportunity to have state-of-the-art, American-made Healthy Vending Machines or Micro Markets installed in their facilities for FREE! Your healthy equipment is maintained and managed by a local Campaign Manager, requiring zero time commitment from facility staff or management. Get Healthy Now, USA! will even custom design and install your Micro Market specific to your location.

For more information about InstaHealthy Healthy Vending business opportunity, visit www.instahealthyusa.com. To inquire about receiving a free organic & fresh Healthy Vending machine, visit www.FreeHealthyVending.com or call toll free (888) 243-8074.

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